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Dr. Zappy
Low Back Pain Myth
Intro to the Myth’s About Low Back Pain. We’ll be getting into the causes of low back pain in the upcoming posts, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Subscribe for regular updates and news. However, before we get into the causes, I’d like to stress the importance of where our focus NEEDS to...
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Chiropractic solutions for pain problems
Pain. It’s a powerful word that creates a strong emotional response and stirs up all sorts of feelings. From sadness to anger and even depression, pain has a significant impact on our mental state of mind. Some of your may be thinking about non-physical pain and saying to yourself, “well of course, I would expect...
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Mistakes you should avoid dealing with low back pain
STOP Making These 7 Mistakes If you or a loved one is experiencing low back pain I’m sure you’ve tried some of the treatments out there. But for some reason you still have low back pain. It’s frustrating and it seems like there is no long-term solution. So you bounce around from Doctor to Doctor,...
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Suffering From Severe Low Back Pain and Neuropathy [The following is a true story of a patient from our office who suffered from Neuropathy. Names have been changed to protect our patient’s privacy.] Meet Stephanie. Stephanie suffers from low back pain and neuropathy. However, she is a typical average middle aged female like any other....
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Low Back Pain
Let’s start off with identifying the PROBLEM With Low Back Pain First of all, over 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their life. OVER 80%! Yet many of those who suffer from low back pain ever experience any long term solutions to their pain problem. If you’re suffering...
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Movement. How important is it? And how much does it effect your life? In this edition of our wellness blog we want to address the importance of movement and the impact it has on your overall health and wellness. Of all the articles we’ve written and blog posts we put up, even the website content...
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As a Doctor in the community specializing in pain relief, almost all of my patients have taken a Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs) for pain relief; like ibuprofen, alieve, motrin, etc. I ask every patient, “Have you taken any medication?” It’s either a “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t like to take anything but I had to...
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