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The Wellness Center
of Chester County

Chiropractic, Nutrition, Massage, Exercise, Acupuncture

The Wellness Center of Chester County is a multidisciplinary conservative healthcare clinic in Exton, PA. We offer a wide variety of services including Chiropractic, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Exercise Therapy, and more.

Dr. Zappy and Dr. Morgan, the Chiropractors in Exton, PA, understand that we have to identify the problem before we can help you solve it. Once we identify where you are, we can consider where you’d like to be. If you are in pain, and you’d like to not be in pain, let’s discuss a Chiropractic plan to get there. If you are at a certain athletic ability and you’d like to improve, let’s develop a mechanical improvement program utilizing Chiropractic so that you can achieve the performance improvements you are looking for.

Once we identify where you are and where you’d like to be, we develop a Chiropractic treatment plan specifically designed for your personal goals. We work together to bridge that gap and achieve the goals you have for yourself. This is the mentality of the entire Team at The Wellness Center of Chester County. Dr. Zappy and Dr. Morgan, the Chiropractors in Exton PA,  believe in a Patient Centered Care model and look forward to helping you meet your wellness goals today. 

Your Chiropractor in Exton PA understands that patient education, in addition to our chiropractic treatments, can provide the pain relief you need to get back to the activities you love – whether that’s playing a sport, working on home projects or just being active with your family again.

The Chiropractors at The Wellness Center of Chester County in Exton PA work to help patients in pain who are motivated to help themselves. If you want to take control of your pain and take back your life, follow and like us on Facebook and stop by for a one on one with Dr. Zappy or Dr. Morgan, the Chiropractors here in Exton PA. Our philosophy is to get you better, faster, and help you maintain a pain-free lifestyle.

No one should have to stop the activities they love because of pain. Your Chiropractors in Exton PA can help. Click here to call now. We’re located right here in Exton, PA; serving Downingtown, Lionville, Eagle, Chester Springs, and surrounding regions.

Google Reviews

Dr. Joe is a miracle worker! I was refereed to Dr. Joe from a neighbor and I can’t thank that neighbor enough. Before seeing Dr Joe, I was training hard for a spartan endurance race for 3 months. A week before the race, I then had a SHOOTING pain in my hip. It ended up being Trochanteric Bursitis. I went to go see Dr. Joe about 3 times that week and he had me walking normally and healed by the race. He also gave me precautionary measures to take before the race and they worked perfectly.

I can’t thank Dr. Joe enough for helping me get back to race shape for my big day. I ended up finishing the race with little to no problems! It’s been months and I have had no issues.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Joe!

Andrew Tuffner

After years of working as a Carpenter, and living a physical life style my back had seen better days. At 32 I was dealing with what I thought was chronic pain between my shoulders. Along with a tightness and soreness in my lower back that made it hard to tie my shoes.

Dr. Zappy diagnosed my issues, and came up with a plan. After a few weeks of manipulation, massage, and therapy I felt great. He showed me a series of exercises and stretches to help strengthen my core muscles to prevent further and future injury.

Having continued the rehab on my own, my back feels better than it has in years. I have no issues between my shoulders, and my lower back feels strong again.

I can’t thank and recommend Dr. Zappy enough.

Bruce Thomas

The Wellness Center is my go-to place for chiropractic care and massage therapy. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by Sarah, to the time that you leave after your adjustment and/or massage, it just feels like “home.” You are welcomed, listened to, and best of all you are helped by professionals who TRULY, TRULY care about your total wellness from head to toe.

When my husband got injured this Summer, I FINALLY convinced him to give chiropractic care a chance. Wow – what a difference it made and after a few short months, he was “normal” again. If a skeptic like my husband can be convinced that chiropractic care really IS the answer, then I know anyone will quickly realize that The Wellness Center is THE place to go! I cannot recommend Dr. Zappy and his team enough — they are fantastic!

Jenn Reasinger

I met with Dr. Andrew Morgan after hurting my lower back deadlifting. As an athlete that needs to be training at all times, this was a big problem. Dr. Morgan got me in to see him as fast as possible. He explained and broke down the anatomy of the lower back, what’s connected, how it works and moves and all the possibilities that could’ve been wrong with mine. He always asks if you understand something and will make sure you do before he moves on. Through a series of painless tests and exercises we were able to dismiss what the problem was not and found what the source was. I recommend him to anyone. He truly cares about helping you get rid of a problem for good. He’s the nicest guy you will meet. Don’t sit in pain, go talk to Dr. Morgan, he’ll take care of you.

Anthony Hewitt

I never believed in Chiropractic care before, but the wellness center really change my life. I have more energy, more mobility, and my pain has reduced by probably 70%. Thank you Dr. Morgan, you’ve given me my life back.


Facebook Reviews

I came to The Wellness Center for my first visit tonight, and Dr. Zappy was great. The exam was comprehensive. I really appreciated the time that he took to understand my needs. His explanations were very thorough. He went above and beyond to give me tips to help me throughout the week. He was very genuine which was refreshing after going to another chiropractor that was focused on selling with no real substance. I am very thankful to have found The Wellness Center.

Adrienne Nash Melendez

If you are looking for a qualified chiropractor in this area, then Dr Zappy’s office is where you go. Living a rigorous lifestyle through work and sports I have always felt some sort of pain. But no pain like the one I felt in my knee for close to a year. After it became so unbearable I was in need of a good doctor. Through word of mouth I was told to set an appointment with Dr. Zappy. At the consultation I knew I was in the right place. I saw him as a knowledgeable professional who understands rehabilitation and how he could treat my affected area. Needless to say after, 3 visits and some education from the doc I am PAIN FREE. No end of the day pain for this guy! Thanks Doc and see you soon!!

Sean Iacobelli

Dr. Zappy has helped me a ton! I have had neck and shoulder pain from an old high school soccer injury. After a month of visits, he has taken my pain away and showed me how to keep it away. His knowledge and understanding of anatomy and the human body really makes a difference in the care he provides. I would recommend him to anyone looking looking for permanent relief.

Lauren Carlson

The Wellness Center of Chester County

Offering Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition, Exercise and More