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Andrew Tuffner
19:42 11 Nov 17
Dr. Joe is a miracle worker! I was refereed to Dr. Joe from a neighbor and I can't thank that neighbor enough. Before seeing Dr Joe, I was training hard for a spartan endurance race for 3 months. A week before the race, I then had a SHOOTING pain in my hip. It ended up being Trochanteric Bursitis. I went to go see Dr. Joe about 3 times that week and he had me walking normally and healed by the race. He also gave me precautionary measures to take before the race and they worked perfectly. I can't thank Dr. Joe enough for helping me get back to race shape for my big day. I ended up finishing the race with little to no problems! It's been months and I have had no issues. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Joe!read more
Justin Pacovsky
12:21 28 Oct 17
Dr. Zappy is great with every patient I’ve seen him work with. Always friendly and takes a different approach rather than what is normal. Really enjoyed the explanation on the “why” behind things rather than being kept in the dark. Rob, the massage therapist, is a pleasure to work with as well. I would highly recommend the Wellness Center of Chester County to anyone who has pain and wants to be cured of more
nathaniel garrett
15:49 26 Oct 17
Fantastic. Dr Zappy is superb, and always describes issues and explains what he's doing. I always feel more enlightened when leaving. Sarah, the office manager is super friendly and always has a smile on her face. I love the wellness center of Chester county!read more
Carrie-Lynn Draga
18:00 26 Sep 17
Dr. Zappy is phenomenal! I highly recommend him.
Sahasdatta Sakhamuri
17:17 04 Sep 17
Dr.zappy is one of a kind , his knowledge is impeccable . He is an amazing healer.
17:45 28 Jun 17
Highly recommend for sports injuries and recovery.
Ruby Anderson
22:54 21 Feb 17
Joe is a wonderful chiropractor! He was recommended to me by my acupuncturist. I have seen him a few times for knee problems. He has been amazing at helping to solve my issues. Joe is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and highly skilled and professional. He has exceeded my expectations and addressed a lot of issues that were plaguing me, making a huge difference. Everyday I am so grateful for Joe's expertise. I am lucky to know more
Rick Carlson
17:36 07 Dec 16
Dr. Zappy is one of the best. As a fellow chiropractor this guy has tough me a ton. He is someone I am always reaching out to gain knowledge of the newest most advanced techniques in bio-mechanics and human performance. He goes well beyond your typical more
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Lulu Hart Bentley
Dr Zappy is great!! He really knows his stuff! He's been helping me with chronic shoulder pain. He took the time to educate me and set an expectation of how the treatment would go.. I also appreciate that he respects my time..i never have to wait long to be seen. I definitely recommend the Wellness Center of Chester Countyread more
Adrienne Nash Melendez
I came to The Wellness Center for my first visit tonight, and Dr. Zappy was great. The exam was comprehensive. I really appreciated the time that he took to understand my needs. His explanations were very thorough. He went above and beyond to give me tips to help me throughout the week. He was very genuine which was refreshing after going to another chiropractor that was focused on selling with no real substance. I am very thankful to have found The Wellness more
Wayne Rozecki
The best all around!! Joe is extremely knowledgeable and very caring. I recommend this company to anyone!
Corey Baumann
Dr Zappy was great! He did a comprehensive evaluation of me before recommending a program. I am training for a Spartan Race and he specifically put a program together for that. His experience and diverse custom treatments sets him apart for other chiropractors in the area!read more
Duron Cherry
Amazing experience, shared crucial info dr wouldn't.
Adrienne Sady Patrick
Best Chiropractor ever! He can fix anything and also gives you exercises to help!!
Krista Carpenter
Very friendly, very accommodating and extremely patient and knowledgeable.
TJ Dunphy
Best chiropractor I've ever been too. Been to many a chiropractor, and never have i had one so concerned with the whole persons well being. From diet to past medical issues, even the mental aspect, Dr Zappy is THE chiropractor in the main line area to more
Kristina Casey
Had issues with my knee and hip. I saw an orthopedic who recommended PT. After 3 sessions of PT, the pain was so bad I had trouble walking (running was out of the question). I decided to visit Dr. Zappy, and after the first session, I was running again. Miracle worker!!!read more
Ant Blubello
Dr. Joe Zappy is a master at his craft. I expected a simple alinement at my first visit, I had never gone to a chiropractor before so I didn't know what to expect. Dr. Zappy helped track my pain and instabilities to underlying breakdowns in my breathing and movement patterns. He has a keen eye for physiological weaknesses and faulted movement patterns which proved apparent during my first visit. He efficiently advised a simple and effective plan to improve my diaphragm function and improve my movement patterns. With just two visits he was able to relief a lot of my pain and set me up with life-long correctives. He is unlike any Chiropractor in Chester County, not only does he have an incredible understanding of human physiology and anatomy, but he has a grasp of Functional movement screening procedures can help any individual live pain-free. As a West Chester University graduate in route to Arcadia's Doctoral program for Physical Therapy, I can safely say that I hope to work with the "Joe Zappy's" of the future. Beware, his visits will come with homework!read more
Matt Aggarwal
Dr. Zappy is great at adjusting! Not to forceful but not too light. He is very knowledgable about caring for the entire human body. I can go to him for any health related question. Thanks doc! Great hands!read more
Sean Iacobelli
If you are looking for a qualified chiropractor in this area, then Dr Zappy's office is where you go. Living a rigorous lifestyle through work and sports I have always felt some sort of pain. But no pain like the one I felt in my knee for close to a year. After it became so unbearable I was in need of a good doctor. Through word of mouth I was told to set an appointment with Dr. Zappy. At the consultation I knew I was in the right place. I saw him as a knowledgeable professional who understands rehabilitation and how he could treat my affected area. Needless to say after, 3 visits and some education from the doc I am PAIN FREE. No end of the day pain for this guy! Thanks Doc and see you soon!!read more
Rachel Carlson
Dr. Zappy was great and got me back on the soccer field right away. I hurt my foot and ankle during my college soccer season and he was able to help me get back to strength and continue playing.
Lauren Dube
Dr. Zappy has helped me a ton! I have had neck and shoulder pain from an old high school soccer injury. After a month of visits, he has taken my pain away and showed me how to keep it away. His knowledge and understanding of anatomy and the human body really makes a difference in the care he provides. I would recommend him to anyone looking looking for permanent more
Rick Carlson
I have had back pain for years and after getting assessed and treated by Dr. Joe, he told me the problem was coming from my hips. He did some stretches and showed me a couple rehab exercises and my hips and back feels great. The pain is gone and has not come back. Not only have I not had pain but I have defiantly seen improvements on the slow pitch softball field and during my weekends playing Ultimate Frisbee. -Rick more