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Chiropractors in Exton

Restoring Quality of Movement
Restoring Quality of Life

Full Exam

Your Chiropractor in Exton will perform a Full Orthopedic, Neurological, and Functional Exam allowing him to solve your pain problem.

Convenient Location

The Chiropractors in Exton is by Lionville, just off Route 113. By Ron’s bar, Pickering Feed, and All-star Pediatrics


The Chiropractors in Exton is just one piece of the intricate puzzle to solving your healthcare problem. 

Online Access

State of the art online access to your Chiropractors in Exton’s patient file for easy bill pay, records requests, and appointments.

Quicker Recovery

A thorough evaluation with the combination of various treatment options allows for the quickest results with the Chiropractors in Exton. 

Payment Options

Your Chiropractors in Exton accepts all major insurance carriers for the services we offer, including Medicare!

Our Story

A Little About Your Chiropractors in Exton

Dr. Zappy, The Chiropractor in Exton and Owner of The Wellness Center of Chester County, opened this office in 2014. Since then, the community has responded to our quality of care with an astonishing welcome. Patient referrals continue to flood our office as we continue to see 5 to 6 new patients every week! If you are one of our patients who has referred a friend or family member we want to take this opportunity to say, Thank You!

We have grown so fast that in only 3 years we had to upgrade from our space in Eagle to a larger office with DOUBLE the space in Lionville, PA; just on the edge of Downingtown, Exton, and Chester Springs. Since our Grand Opening in 2014 we’ve included services like Massage Therapy, Exercise Therapy, Nutritional Counseling and more. 

With a passion for community growth and career education Dr. Zappy has recently opened a Health and Medical Career Education School licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Private Licensed Schools, called The Wellness Institute of Chester County. The Wellness Institute of Chester County teaches the future medical professionals of Chester County in a variety of different disciplines. We are currently enrolling students in our Massage Therapy Program designed to teach the benefits of Massage from a Medical and Therapeutic perspective.

Our Story

A Little About Your Chiropractors in Exton

Since joining The Wellness Center of Chester County in 2020, Dr. Andrew Morgan has become an indispensable part of our healthcare team. With a profound expertise in biomechanics and exercise science, he has expanded our clinic’s capacity to treat a diverse range of conditions, notably including temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJD).

His approach is grounded in a passion for health and fitness, advocating for conservative care as the cornerstone of effective treatment. Dr. Morgan’s commitment to non-invasive techniques aligns perfectly with our center’s philosophy, offering patients relief and recovery without relying on surgical interventions.

As a native of Chester County, Dr. Morgan brings a unique understanding of the community’s healthcare needs. He is not only a highly skilled chiropractor but also a devoted family man, which resonates in his empathetic and personalized care for patients. His leadership in developing treatment plans ensures that each patient receives a tailored approach, aimed at achieving optimal health and wellness.

Whether it’s managing TMJD, addressing spinal misalignments, or guiding patients through rehabilitation exercises, Dr. Morgan’s expertise is a vital asset to our clinic. His dedication to providing comprehensive care has enabled The Wellness Center of Chester County to enhance its services and reach a broader spectrum of patients seeking effective, holistic treatments.

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"Over 80% of the population will suffer from Low Back Pain at some point in their life."