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About our team

Working together to solve your healthcare problem


The Chiropractor at The Wellness Center of Chester County performs a full Orthopedic Exam, Neurological Exam, Functional Evaluation, and Wellness Assessment. He then reviews your health status with our staff to determine the best course for your care. 

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Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapists at The Wellness Center of Chester County offer a variety of soft tissue therapy services specific for your needs. They work together with Dr. Zappy to offer an optimized program fit for your wellness goals. 

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Working together to maximize your health

The Wellness Center:
A Multidisciplinary Approach


Our Mission

It is the Mission of this office to educate, equipped, and evangelize the communities we serve. That means working together to educate our patients on their conditions, equip them with the tools necessary to manage their health, and show them the love and compassion of God through our actions. 

Tired of not getting the answers you deserve?

We will do our very best to answer any of your questions, comments, or concerns during every visit at The Wellness Center of Chester County. We will work together to manage your health and provide you with the appropriate services to address your concerns. Because you deserve it!
Pain Management
Where do you feel the most pain? We'll tell the Doctors and get back to you as soon as possible!