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Nutritional Counseling

A First From Food Approach


Our Approach

First From Food

Dr. Zappy earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College in 2013. Since then, he has been helping his patients manage their health problems through both conservative care options and nutrition in Exton, PA. Our nutritional counselors take a unique approach to nutritional counseling by not jumping to selling supplements to meet your nutrition goals. This is what we mean by the “First From Food” approach. You should be able to meet all of your nutritional needs from FOOD before investigating the needs for purchasing expensive supplements. 

Our Approach

The Diet Diary

Before we go down the path of recommending a nutrition plan, we first need to understand your current situation. There is no one magic nutrition plan that works for everyone. Medically prescribing Paleo Diets, Vegan Diets, Low Protein Diets, No Carb Diets, Keto Diets, etc, etc to everyone is just not a responsible way to run a medical office.

We need to know your personal nutritional achievements, nutritional goals, and nutritional needs to develop a customized nutrition program specific to you. This begins with the Diet Diary. We thoroughly analyze your diet to determine your individual needs and develop a nutrition plan to achieve them. 


We Provide Solutions

Once we have identified your nutritional achievements, nutritional goals, and nutritional needs… the Team of Professional Providers and Nutritional Counselors in Exton PA at The Wellness Center of Chester County will develop a nutrition plan specific for you. The Team will come up with a meal plan, shopping advice, prep advice etc as needed so that you feel comfortable, confident, and not overwhelmed by the task of eating health meals. 

Tell us where you are currently

And we’ll develop a plan that meets your needs.

Addressing all aspects of Wellness Care

Nutrition can often be an essential part of maximizing your health. 

All Major Insurance Carriers Accepts

We will utilize your insurance benefits when medically necessary. 

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