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Special Offer – Half Off Exam


ATTENTION: Please check your spam folder for your ticket. You will need this ticket to redeem your purchase during your initial exam. This Ticket is valid for 1 individual to receive a full orthopedic exam, neurological exam, and functional evaluation followed by a Chiropractic treatment with Dr. Zappy at The Wellness Center of Chester County, LLC. PLEASE NOTE: Ticket Expires within 2 months of purchase. Our schedule fills very quickly. Please make sure you schedule your appointment as soon as possible. To schedule your appointment, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact our Office Manager, Sarah, at 484.341.8598 x 701. We look forward to solving your pain problem.

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Purchase your initial exam online and save 50% off of your initial treatment and exam visit. You will receive a full orthopedic exam, neurological exam, functional evaluation, and treatment.

Solving Pain Problems is what we do! There are generally a lot of structures located within an area of pain you may be experiencing. One or more of them may be causing your symptoms. These exams help us identify the cause and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

An Orthopedic Exam is designed to try and reproduce your symptoms. Every test we do is relatively specific for the various tissues in the body region you are having pain in. If the doctor puts you into a position or asks you to do something and it reproduces your symptoms, the doctor knows by the exam what tissue he is stressing, and then he knows how to fix it. Please bear with us during the exam and tell Dr. Zappy if anything bothers you so that he can make a more accurate determination on your condition.

Neurological Exams are designed to test the integrity of the various neurological structures that travel through different regions of your musculoskeletal system. Nerves control motor, sensory, and reflex sensations over specific body regions. By testing the muscle strength, sensations over the skin, and reflex responses of tendons, Dr. Zappy can determine if there is a neurological component to your condition. This exam not only helps Dr. Zappy determine the neurological integrity, but also if your condition is a nerve root problem, peripheral nerve entrapment problem, and the location of the entrapment.

Sometimes conditions are neither orthopedic or neurological; meaning there is no tissue damage and no specific nerve dysfunction causing your symptoms. Sometimes pain can just be a matter of a joint not moving appropriately forcing another body part to hurt. For example, if your hip will not allow you to bend forward you are forced to bend forward with your low back to complete a task. Since the low back is not designed to do this type of movement, it will cause pain without necessarily causing tissue damage or nerve entrapment. A Functional Exam is designed to identify mechanical problems that may or may not be contributing to your condition so that we can treat your needs appropriately.

Based on your initial exam, Dr. Zappy develops a treatment plan specific for your needs. Treatment on the first visit will be very light and specific. We do not want to do too much too soon without knowing how well you will respond the the treatment. After the initial treatment, we do a re-evaluation sometime soon. Based on how well you respond to the initial  treatment Dr. Zappy will develop a treatment plan specific for your needs. We will go over the treatment plan, how many visits, frequency, and your insurance contributions at that time.

If you have any questions please call us at 484.341.8598. Our exam slots fill fast, I would recommend booking as soon as possible so that you do not delay your recovery any longer. Purchase this coupon before booking your appointment to reserve your time slot. Please bring this ticket in to your initial exam. Thank you for the opportunity to manage your health and we look forward to solving your pain problem.



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