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No need to come to the office, we'll show you the perfect stretch right from your home

Home Care Tele-medicine

COVID-19 has certainly changed the landscape for a variety of different businesses, families, and services. But has it done something positive? I think it has! I’ve always been a fan of the sayin, “pressure makes diamonds,” and I think this is an invaluable service we’re able to offer. Since COVID, our patients have needed our services but couldn’t come to the office. We had to get creative, and it had to do it fast! Our office implemented telemedicine solutions for patients Day 1; and it worked beautifully. 

All you need is access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone and you’re done. The doctor will meet with you, learn the limitations of your space, and design a specific home care plan just for you. This allows you to remain in the comfort of your home, avoid inconvenient trips to an office, maintain social distancing, and receive personalized home care recommendations based on your space, equipment, and needs. 

Our philosophy has always been, “how can we teach you how to manage your care without us?” What better way is there to push that needle forward than through tele-medicine! 

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All you need to do is request a tele-medicine appointment by clicking the link below and someone from our office will contact you. 

Send an email to  info@wcofcc.com