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Now Offering 1 on 1 Personal Training and 1 on 1 Yoga Sessions

Are you ready to move better?

1 on 1 Personal Training or Yoga

Movement is everything! The quality of your movement dictates the quality of your life. If you can’t move well, you can’t play with your children the same, you can’t play the sport you love anymore, you can’t enjoy the view from the peak of the mountain you just hiked! Pain prevent us from enjoying life to it’s MAX. Get moving, PAIN FREE, today. Schedule an appointment at The Wellness Center of Chester County and GET MOVING! 


To make any meaningful impact on your health, joint stability, or overall movement patterns, our exercise therapist works directly with you, 1 on 1, for a full 60 minutes per session!


It is extremely important to have your personal trainer be in direct contact with your doctors, therapists, and care managers. Dr. Zappy works directly with our in house personal trainer and yoga instructor to develop a program specific for your needs. 


Some joints or joint complexes in our body require mobility, while others requires stability. Having a professional guide you through an appropriate stretching routine along side a meaningful strength program can create long term solutions to stubborn problems.

1 on 1 Personal Training and Yoga Sessions

At The Wellness Center of Chester County
Your Health Matters

Exercise is an integral part of creating long term solutions and sustainable results. At The Wellness Center of Chester County our 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions an 1 on 1 Yoga Sessions are designed to create an atmosphere of learning. You will have an opportunity to discuss questions, comments, or concerns in a private setting with our trainer. The more questions you ask, and the better you understand movement, the more sustainable your results will be. 

Dr. Zappy, Chiropractor at The Wellness Center of Chester County, usually develops treatment plans in 2 phases, passive care and active care. Passive care means that the patient is generally passively involved in the treatment. We, as the providers, are generally providing all of the services for you to fix your problem. However, this is not a sustainable solution and creates a provider dependence. We then transition our patients into an active care program that is designed to get the patient actively engaged in the plan. With various stretches and strengthening exercises, you can create meaningful, lasting change for your condition. 

Following a treatment plan, it’s important to make more progress and begin a strength and mobility program for your entire body, not just the region of your initial complaint. This is called pre-hab, as opposed to re-hab, and is a more proactive approach to healthcare. This is an attempt to stop problems from arising in the first place! That’s where 1 on 1’s with our Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor makes all the difference. 

Stop the problem before it begins!

Pricing plans

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Professional plan

16 Sessions
  • Starter Plan PLUS
  • Nutritional Management Session
  • Gym Access
  • Supplement Discounts
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Starter plan

8 Sessions
  • Basic Plan PLUS
  • Goal Setting/Monitoring
  • Home Program Development
  • Sport/Goal Specific
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Basic plan

3 Sessions
  • 1 ON 1 Personal Training
  • 1 ON 1 Yoga
  • Movement Assessment
  • Personalized Exercises
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  • I injured my low back at work and went o see Dr. Zappy for Chiropractic care. After my back was fixed, he said it would be a good idea to strengthen my core so I didn’t hurt myself again. While we did some rehab stuff in his office, the exercise program he had me do after stopped me from hurting my back again. It’s been almost 4 years and I haven’t had back problems since. Thanks Wellness Center!

    Josh Seymour
    Injured Low Back
  • I’ve been a triathlete for almost 15 years and I’ve had this chronic IT band syndrome that prevents me from performing at my best. I initially went to The Wellness Center for knee pain. Dr. Zappy said there was nothing wrong with my knee and that I needed to strengthen my gluts so that my IT band would keep getting irritated. Instead of wasting time in treatment, we immediately started an exercise program. I’m competing in the Marsh Man this year with no pain and happy to say, for the first time, I think I’ll set a PR!

    Jennet Cole
  • My shoulder has been getting in the way of my cross fit off and on for the past few months. I first hurt it during a clean and it hasn’t been right since. My mom goes to The Wellness Center for some other things and told me to check it out. Dr. Zappy said it was a chronic problem because my collar bone wasn’t mobile enough to rotate back while doing the clean motion. We worked on some simple mobility drills and I haven’t hurt it since. Thanks guys!!

    Chris White
    Cross Fitter