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Exercise Therapist

Exercise Therapist

1 On 1 Personal Training and Yoga


Our Personal Trainers are well versed on developing personalized plans specific for your needs. Whether it be a training program for a triathlon, recovering from an injury, or simple losing weight, our trainers are equipped to meet your needs. The personal trainer assigned to you will be working directly with Dr. Zappy to ensure safety of your plan. It is important that we not only encourage you to get stronger and move better, but to make sure that the movements you are going to be engaged in are not going to cause any problems. Your personal trainer will monitor your progress, recommend solutions, and maximize your health and fitness goals. 

Utilizing both personal training and yoga, we can develop a specific and well rounded program. Certain joints and regions of your body tend to need certain things, specifically, mobility or stability. For example, your low back NEEDS stability. If you are over stretching your low back you could be causing a problem. Your hips, on the other hand, NEED mobility, and if you are strengthening them too much you could be causing a problem as well. Because certain regions of your body require specific needs, our programs focus on providing your body with what it needs, not with what is popular or what looks good in a bathing suit. Your health matters, and so should your exercise program!


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