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Massage School

A Health and Medical Career Training Opportunity

Massage Therapy is used in a variety of different settings from spas, cruise lines, vacation resorts, local businesses, medical offices, rehab facilities, and hospitals. This Massage School has developed a program so that your education will qualify you to work in any and all of these various career opportunities. Your school should never limit your potential!

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  • Dr. Zappy and the team at The Wellness Institute of Chester County genuinely care about the students that attend their program. During my admissions interview they took the time to go over all the career options available in massage, I met my instructors, took a tour of the school and was able to pick a class schedule that best fits my needs. I am very excited to get my career in massage therapy started. Thank you for spending time with me!

    Stephanie Garmond
  • I’m so glad I ended up deciding to make a career change. It wasn’t an easy decision, but The Wellness Institute prepared me to make that transition much easier. Their flexible program options allowed me to pick a program that worked well for me and my family. Looking forward to starting class. Thank you!

    Shane Devline


How many students are in each class?

We value small class sizes that benefit the students’ learning environment. The format we have developed allows our students to have one on one time with the instructor. Because of that, we limit each class to only 12, qualified students. If you qualify, we offer class starts as often as we can to try and accommodate for the demand.

2021-2022 Start Dates

*Winter Semester
Start Date: Tuesday 1/11/2022
Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Length: 10 Months

*Fall Semester
Start Date: Monday 9/12/2022
Schedule: M-W-F
Time: Day Class 9:00am to 2:00pm
Night Class 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Length: 10 Months

How long is the program?

Our program is 600 hours of in-class instruction approved by the PA Dept of Private Licensed Schools and will prepare students to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensure Examination (MBLEx) before graduation.

How much does Massage School cost?

Your total out of pocket costs can vary depending on which program you enroll in, what term you decide on, and the types of Financial Assistance you may qualify for. This will all be discussed with you during your admissions interview.

That being said, payment plans are available if you are responsible for the total cost of tuition. Most of our students responsible for the full amount of tuition choose one of our payment plan options. An additional benefit we offer to reduce the monthly amount per payment is to put a down payment towards your tuition during registration. There is no requirement for a down payment or any required minimums, but we suggest a $500 down payment to reduce your overall payment per month.

Another option we offer is to begin making payments before classes begin. This is the most common option students prefer to enroll in. For example, if classes start in September and you are enrolling in January, instead of making 6 payments starting in September, you can make 15 payments of a much smaller amount starting in January. This option is generally more financially feasible and the most common way our students choose to pay for their tuition.

Whatever you choose to do, and however much Financial Assistance you qualify for, the total cost of tuition is $8,500.00.

How much money do Massage Therapists make?

Consider, something we strive for at The Wellness Institute of Chester County is educating our students to be well above average! Salaries at hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical settings are generally much higher depending on where you are employed.

Your income potential is up to you. We feel confident that by the end of your education here at The Wellness Institute of Chester County you will be qualified to earn as much as you desire. Many of our colleagues in the industry have decided to enter into private practice. Our Instructors, Acting Directors, Directors, and Owner all have in the field business experience and relationships with business owners. We will be a resource to your individual career goals beginning, during, and following your time at The Wellness Institute. One of the responsibilities the Acting Directors pride themselves on is helping you land a job before graduation! We have an interactive job posting board that helps you search in your area for facilities that are hiring, in addition, we also invite guest speakers who are hiring to speak to our class on what they are offering in terms of job placement during each semester.

How is the school navigating COVID-19?

FACE MASK REQUIRED: The Wellness Institute of Chester County is compliant with the Updated Order of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Requiring Universal Face Coverings. Effective November 18, 2020, including necessary exceptions and associated guidance, and affirm the public school entity is complying with the safety protocols as outlined by the CDC to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Wellness Institute of Chester County affirms that it has completed the required Attestation Form and submitted it to our Local Health and Safety department.

Welcome to The Wellness Institute of Chester County

Educators in Health and Medical Careers

A career in Massage Therapy can be a very rewarding experience. Following your education at The Wellness Institute of Chester County’s Massage Therapy School, you will have the opportunity to easily find a job in a variety of health and wellness settings. You could even go into private practice as a small business owner. Massage Therapists have the choice of working in a medical center, spa, cruise line, doctor’s offices, massage clinics, or even out of the comfort of their own home. Best of all, you will be equipped to help people for a living. There is so much that you can accomplish with the skills you will be developing from the Massage Therapy School at The Wellness Institute of Chester County here in Exton, PA.

The curriculum at this Massage School has been specifically designed by:

  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical Therapists
  • and Licensed Massage Therapists

By the time you graduate from the Massage Therapy School at The Wellness Institute of Chester County you will be prepared to begin treating common musculoskeletal conditions in your communities. 


Click the link above “Book Here” to schedule a $35.00, 1 hour Student Massage!

Student Clinic is an opportunity for our students to practice what they have learned on the public.

    As a client, you will receive a 60-minute clinical massage by one of the students. When your massage is complete, we ask that you fill out our skillset form so that our students know where they excel and where they need improvement.

If you are considering attending Massage Therapy School at The Wellness Institute of Chester County, attending a Student Clinic session will help you determine the level of education we provide. Our students are a cut above the rest as we go beyond teaching the “basic Swedish” style of massage therapy with a treatment-oriented approach.


You will learn how Massage Therapy can effect the Physiology of a patient in a positive way!


From Infant massage to Adolescent Massage, you will have an understanding of how Massage Therapy can benefit all ages.


You will learn how Massage Therapy can be used to improve circulation, which ultimately leads to a variety of applications.


Massage Therapy can have a profound effect on the nervous system.


Hospitals and Rehab Centers are now utilizing Massage Therapy to improve outcomes and recovery after various surgical procedures.

Bone and Joint

Massage Therapy can drastically impact the quality of bone and joint movement.


Medical journals are now showing how Massage Therapy can be used to improve lung inflation and rib motion in the chest cavity.


There are endless application to Massage Therapy if you simply have the vision to see them.

Treat a Variety of Conditions

Benefits of Massage

How can Massage Therapy be used in a medical setting?

The Doctors at The Wellness Institute of Chester County have developed a medical curriculum specifically designed to train our students with a clinical skill set. Using the principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology, Physics, Manual Manipulation, and what we know from the best available research in Medical Journals you will gain an understanding of how you can effect the musculoskeletal system through Massage Therapy. 

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Quality over Quantity

We are not about having the Most Students. We are about educating the Best Students! Our Class Size is limited to 16 students per class. This way you get the best education with the 1 on 1 Instruction Format we’ve designed. Our 600 hour Curriculum is broken into 4 major categories of instruction. Within those 600 hours, you will learn:

Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, & Pathology29%
Massage, Bodywork, Assessment, Theory, Practice, Sanitation, Safety & Hygeine42%
Professional Ethics, Business, and Law4%
Massage Techniques and CPR25%
Video Tour The Medical Center

As a student at The Wellness Institute of Chester County you will have the opportunity to spend time in our Wellness Center. The Wellness Center of Chester County is a medical office that provides a variety of healthcare services to the community, including Massage Therapy. Work directly under Dr. Zappy in a unique shadowing experience to get on the job experience before graduation. 

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