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Friday April 26th at 6PM
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What Will You Learn?

Get answers to common questions about food content like...
  • GMO's and Their Impact
  • Organic vs Non-Organic...Is it worth it?
  • Effects on Nutritive Content
  • How to... shop, store, prep, cook, and more

Eating food is the most important thing we do every single day. It provides our bodies with the nutrients we need to sustain life, live healthy, and function well. However, is the food you’re eating providing you with the nutrients you need? Nutritive content of food can be effected by everything from the gene’s of the food we’re eating to how we cook it. To make sure you’re maximizing the amount of nutrients you are getting from the food you’re eating, register for this course, at The Wellness Center of Chester County at 403B Gordon Drive, Exton PA, 19341. 

Key speakers will be:
Dr. Joseph Zappy, Chiropractor with a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition
Jen Bauer, ASCM, CPT from JB Fitness
and Special Guest: Jen Simpson from Forge Hill Farms – An Organic/Non-GMO Local Community Sustained Agricultural (CSA) Farmer. 

But what exactly is a GMO? Come to the class to learn more.